Parker's Place

What is Parker's Place?

"New episodes of Parker Plays?"

We asked the same question. We loved working with Disney, but after two years of waiting on a new season, it's time to make something ourselves!

Parker's Place is a 12 - 15 minute show produced by the same people as Parker Plays on Disney XD! Inspired by what we love about Parker Plays, but making something entirely new. Gameplay, skits, and all the hijinks you're used to from Parker Plays.

The show is set to air on YouTube!

This allows us to MAKE WHAT WE WANT, and collaborate with you on the show itself. Logo? Theme song? Games to play? Skit ideas? We want to share everything with you, and would love your feedback. This is a show for the community, made with the community!

Where are we now?

I acquired a building, and we are going to spend the next 30 days turning it from a warehouse to a film studio!

If all goes well, we will film 3 episodes of Parker's Place in early December, and they will be ready to air in January 2021!

If you want to help us on our journey to make this show, please check out our shop page, to see how you can be a part of the show too and support us in our greatest adventure yet. We don't have sponsors yet, so we need the community's help to give the show it's runway!

I am unbelievably excited and honored that Parker Plays is what it is, and I am thrilled to be able to make something of our own.

Stay weird & Game On!

- Parker