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Super Silly Stories: The Story-Making Card Game

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This super funny family friendly card game comes with 375 cards with unique artwork! The goal of the game is to work together with your friends and family to create the silliest story! 


There are four different types of cards! START cards, STORY cards, STOP cards, and GOLD STAR cards!


The START and Stop cards are the beginning and ending of a silly story, and the STORY cards are random pieces of stories.

Here’s how the game works! Each player starts by drawing 5 STORY cards into their hand. 


Then, a judge needs to be chosen! The judge can be anyone, so feel free to flip a coin or pick at random. The judge begins the first round by turning over a random START card! This begins the story. Once the judge has read the START card aloud, all the players give the judge one STORY card face down. The judge shuffles the cards (so they don’t know which player each card came from) and then reads the STORY cards aloud. The judge then chooses which STORY card they think is the best to continue the story! Whoever’s STORY card was chosen becomes the next judge! You continue the story until there’s a START card and 3 STORY cards on the table, then the final judge flips over a STOP card and the story ends!

There are some additional rules for gameplay purposes, but that’s the gist! If this seems like something your family would enjoy, pick up a copy of Super Silly Stories today! 


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